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A New F-9RX Launched in Australia

Derek and Andrea Holroyd are now happily sailing their F-9RX 'Dr's Orders', around the Whitsundays on Australia's Barrier Reef. 'Dr's Orders' was built by Steve Jandt (a wooden shipwright by trade) and Derek writes:

Awesome day yesterday.  Lovely 10-15 knots SE blowing offshore so nice flat water, with good skies and temperature.  Andrea didn't even need a jumper.

Launched with Steve (builder), Shane (gun multi-sailer and fellow builder) and Pauly (Mitchell - who has his own sail making / rigging business; and is a gun sailer).  Handy people to have on the boat for its first ride.  Especially when Pauly decided the rigging needed more tensioning, so free-handed climbed the mast to 9m above the deck whilst sailing and tuned the rig.  Looked so cool!

Dropped Dr's Orders in about 11:30 on half tide.  It floated well above the drawn water line so both owners and builder were pleased.  Motors easily along at 6 knots on a third throttle or 8 knots flat out.  Was beautifully stable.

Andrea got 'first blood on boat' with a cut to her little finger whilst raising the main.  Otherwise all other injured were just a multitude of XXXX Gold tins - slayed would be a better description - we went through 38 tinnies between the 5 of us that afternoon!!  All stress gone after a successful launch.

Sailed really well balanced, possibly with still too much aft rake in the mast, as it had a slight weather helm heading to windward.  Absolutely screams off the wind though, and although we obeyed Steve initially and took it to 12 knots, once he went downstairs to call his wife to say things were fine, Paully and Shane went nuts and pumped out 16.9 knots on the boat's log, whilst the GPS read 18 knots!!!  Not bad on the maiden voyage.

 Derek Holroyd.

Pauly, Steve, and Andrea

The happy owners

15 knots

Massive foredeck area with bow wings

Even more deck area aft

Happy builder and owner

Floating high

Reaching at 16 knots

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