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South African F-9AX

Frans and Tanya Loots have now launched their F-9AX "Banjo" in South Africa.

This has to be one of the more interesting building locations.

Finally on the trailer and ready to go

The official launching ceremony with Tanya and Frans. A great moment, and four and
a half years since Frans first walked into an empty shed with a pack of foam and
rolls of cloth and drums of resin.

At home and awaiting a trip down Kromme River, through the surf and into St Francis Bay
for the maiden sail and then to her marina berth in Port St Francis.

Passing under a bridge on the way to the sea

At Port St. Francis

Frans finally on the water (first sail) with son Jamie.

Frans writes:

Hallo Ian,
I can now tell you that I've had the chance to put our new F9ax through all it's paces and that it sails beautifully.
We had a nice sail on Saturday morning and I could really enjoy the boat. The balance is perfect, two fingers on the helm and it tracks nicely. What I do like a lot is just how well the boat comes about, none of the stop and start one associates with tacking a multihull.
And of course there was the issue of speed. During the 4 years of boatbuilding I sometimes forgot just why we sail these things (and have to build one yourself if you want a tri). It is just so nice to sit on the forward beam and to look back and watch the boat just rip along with absolutely no effort. IT JUST GOES.

Most important was that there were no squeaks and groans from the beams. We cranked things up a bit and I put a finger on all the loaded points and there was no movement. Just some daggerboard hum when we got the speed up.

I think my wife will go again!
Thanks a lot for answering all my questions over the years, the promptness was always appreciated.
F9AX Banjo.

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