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F-82 In Turkey

Mustafa Baler has now finished his F-82R in Turkey - another great paint job

Note solar panel on aft support at stern - this looks like quite a boat

Mustafa writes:.

There are still some final details left. It is sometimes taking quite awhile, as we want to do it right the first time. I believe we managed to build a tough, functional and attractive boat so far.

As this is the first boat of its kind in the country, there is quite a bit of interest. One of the sailing magazines 'Yacht Turkiye' have been wanting to interview me for a long time. I have asked them to patient, as it would be more meaningful when the boat would be finished. They are going to publish an article about the boat and me in the February issue and want to do another article later on about the sailing performance, when the boat is launched.

With best regards,

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