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F-41 Cruising West Coast of South Australa

Karel Michielsen built his F-41 in South Australia, launched in 2006, and is now enjoying cruising. Karel reports

Hi Ian,
I recently received a set of photo's from a sailor we encountered in Investigator Straits on our way home from the West Coast of SA, and they can be seen at:

F-41 Photos

I thought you might be interested in one and it is below. A note on the 2nd reef, we had started the morning in 3-4 m seas with 30 - 40 knot winds and were a bit slack in pulling the reefs out, still doing in excess of 10 knots in winds in the low teens in this shot.
About to go cruising the Upper part of Spencer Gulf and hope to catch up with "Playtime" which Jack Dearden has sold to a local.

regards, Karel

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