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Another F-39 Launched

Alice and Howard Greenwood have now launched their F-39 "Alice's Restaurant" in Washington State (Gig Harbor, near Seattle), after a 5 year building time. Prior to this Howard and Alice had built an F-9.

Alice writes:

Dear Ian,

We are really enjoying the boat - having launched Aug. 28 in Wollochet Bay, Wa.  

We are so grateful that we have our boat in the water -- still working on details, as you can imagine, but having fun doing so and cruising and entertaining. The boat gets a lot of attention wherever we go!    It performed even beyond our dreams and hopes, and we are very happy with its power and stability.  It loves 20 plus knots.   

Alice and Howard

Folded and on the way to the water

Now launched and in cruising mode

Raised float decks, to be level with nets, are visible here - a unique F-39 feature

Daggerboard rudder with remote control, and mounted to a kick back box in transom.
Another unique F-39 feature. Floating high too.

Interior views

All ready to explore a fabulous cruising area

Son Garet Greenwood and grandson Kian - both multi-hull sailors!

Outboard auxiliary is kept in a well on starboard side (photo added May, 2012). Howard writes:
"We have successfully used a 9.9 outboard for 4 years in a well behind the starboard beam
and this allows the outboard to be swung out of the water and sealed behind a flap for
sloppy conditions. Also, I can rotate the motor and use it like a thruster when necessary.
I would not consider anything else."

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