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Another F-36 Launched in Australia

John Cashman has now launched his F-36 in NSW, after a ten year build period, and it is looking great. John had first built a Trailertri, and writes:

Dear Ian,
ENOUGH ROPE was launched on 31 October 2009.  The rigging was finally finished at the end of February 2010.  She was built as a cruising boat complete with desalinator, a tower for solar panels, wind generator etc. 
She had her first sail a couple of weeks ago.  In light wind she performed respectably, especially considering her weight.  She is learning to sail cautiously, each time going a little further.  Hooning with two hulls out of the water, towing water skiers, is still in the indefinite future.
She was built according to the F-36 plans and includes some of the upgrades you sent out.  The final length is 11.94 m.
She sports the Sail No 2, but not yet the F-36 logo.   It is cut out and ready to be applied but the sailmaker seems to have forgotten to put it on.
Best wishes and many thanks for you help along the way,
John Cashman.

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