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Update on Pete Pattullo's F-33 NELDA RAY

Pete has now had his F-33 for 4 years since its launching in Houston, and writes: 

We really felt good about her performance last year, with several excellent finishes. She outperformed everyone on the 30 mile LD race at last summer's Great Lakes Multihull Championships. We averaged 24 knots+ for almost 20 miles and pulled away from everyone including Cheeky Monkey and Gougeon's Adagio, F31R''s, Larry Wood's hot F82R Exodus and F25C Gamera. The rudder, centerboard, sails and bigger F33 ama's kept us under control and screaming, when the other designs had to depower or risk sticking a float! We had no problems with the high aspect rudder staying attached.  We passed on the Texas offshore event (Harvest Moon) last fall due to all the debris after hurricane Ike.
The crew and I are looking forward to another competitive year... Also, from a PR prospective.. Nelda Ray is pictured and highlighted in both the March 2009 "Sail" and "Sailing World" magazines, the first about racing in Texas and the second about being part of the GLMRA action in the great lakes. The picture in the "Sailing World" is a two page spread with three "Farrier" designs and is the race I described above! You will notice from the picture the other two boats are reefed... not us!

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