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Aussie Built Multihulls Duke It Out
In UK Round Island Race

The JPMorgan Asset Management 'Round the Island' Race is the worlds largest and one of the most famous yacht races, with this year's event having a record 1750 starters, 34 being multihulls. The race took place on the 28th June 2008, starting in Cowes, with the fleet then racing 50 miles around the Isle of Wight, off England's south coast. During the event five boats grounded, four boats dismasted, five were damaged and needed a tow, one boat sank, one boat capsized, and there were 11 man overboards.

Brian Haynes F-33 Carbon Tiger II

The big Class 0 monohulls started first including the 100' supermaxi Ocean Leopard, TP52's and Open 60's while all the Multihulls started 10 minutes later. The MOCRA multihull class included two Queensland built multihulls, these being a 'Raider 302' racing catamaran and Brian Haynes' Farrier F-33R trimaran. There were also two Danish Dragonfly 920 Extremes, along with a number of other assorted Dragonflys (6), Firebirds (3), and various F-boats (7). The 'Grand Prix' multihulls included Ellen MacArthurs old B&Q, six Extreme 40 racing cats and a Swedish built all carbon racer Seacart 30.

The first leg was a beat in 15-20 knots or so to the Needles, and the Extreme 40's and Seacart 30 got away leaving a Firebird, the Raider 302 Cat, and the F-33R to duke it out, while also passing Class 0 monohulls.

CARBON TIGER II was eventually able to catch the Seacart 'BUZZ' downwind while blasting past the TP52's in big seas at 18-20 knots. A two sail reach then followed with both side by side, again at 18-20 knots, and then taking the Open 60 AVIVA to windward on the way back up the Solent from Bembridge Ledge to the finish.

Final overall results for multihulls were the two Australian built boats Brian Haynes' CARBON TIGER II and Ben Goodland's Raider 302 TEAM EBERSPACHER 1st and 2nd, with Al Wood's DRAGONFLY 3rd. The F-33R finished around 12th over the line from the 1750 competitors, around 4 minutes behind the Seacart, just over 4 minutes ahead of the Raider 302 and 23 minutes ahead of the Dragonfly.

CARBON TIGER II is also fully fitted out for cruising and after the race skipper Brian Haynes celebrated his win by setting off for a summer cruise with his family.

A typical F-33 cruising interior

A video (including multihull action) can be seen at Race Video where there is also a link to the full results.

2004 Round Island Race

F-33 Design Details

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