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F-33 Sailing In Europe

Paul Hofman built his F-33 TRIGGER from a kit, and has been sailing it around European waters for a a few years now and writes:

Last summer we have sailed with the Trigger for 3 months in the Baltic. About 2200 NM in all kinds of weather. We, Ellenoor and myself, are very pleased with the boat. It was our home for three months and perfectly fitted to the purpose of a fast double-handed cruising yacht, capable of carrying (carefully selected) gear for the period. Good to live aboard and still capable of day trips of 80 -100 NM.,(max 146 NM in a day). Apart from minor things there were no technical issues, due to the right design, proper building and good preparation and maintenance. All in all we sailed and raced app. 6000NM so far, without major issues. Enclosed you find some pictures.
Best regards
Met vriendelijke groet


An early morning picture of Trigger from the beach of one of the Frisian Islands (North Sea).
The boat is drifting along a sandbank full of seals at app. 50 metres.

Where did the sea go....?

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