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F-33 Sets New Record In Maui to Oahu Race

Updated June 16, 2010

Bob Rossen won the this year's Lahaina Return-Maui race in his F-33 EPIC (formerly Bahama Hunter). The event was sponsored by the Hawaii Yacht Club, and unlike Bob’s previous F-31 Bobsled, Epic is a wide bodied cruiser with full amenities including inboard, head, shower, galley, sink and stove.

Bob writes:

Aloha Ian,

We won the Labor Day race from Maui to Oahu race in 20-30+knots with a 6-10 foot seaway and with your new rudder.  Overall, the new high aspect rudder performed very well at high speed.  We averaged 18-23 knots over almost a 5 hour period setting a new course record for the Maui race to Honolulu in under 5 hours! The boat performed flawlessly with Randy Smyth at the helm and it was driven to the max.


Bob Rossen

It should be noted that Bob's rudder blade was extended by another 12" due to the large seas common around Hawaii, to ensure maximum control, and this turned into a good test for the case, which had been left standard. However, this is not a recommended practice, as such a long rudder would severely over load the case.

June 2010 Update

We just finished our (3 Day around Oahu Race) for Memorial Day against a Reynolds 33 & we horizoned them with 3 first places to win the Regatta.  Thanks again for making such an awesome boat!

Warmest Aloha,
Bob Rossen

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