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F-32 Launched in Victoria, Australia

Dean Snow has now launched his F-32XR VOLANTIS near Melbourne, and this is another excellent boat that would make any designer proud. It is in fact the fourth Farrier design that Dean has built, and appears to be floating very high.

Dean writes:

Hi Ian,

Congratulations again on another fantastic design, the F-32. Today was the launch of Volantis, (Latin for flying fish or thing?) and the boat sailed flawlessly, doing 21 knots at times, quite effortlessly. It will be interesting to find the upper limits.

The boat weighs 1640kg (3600lb) in sailing trim, a very similar weight to Full Bore a smaller boat (F-9R). It floats about 100mm (4") or so above the design water line with the floats well clear of the water. The new rudder worked very well at speed with no sign of ventilation.

Best Regards
Dean Snow

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