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Virginian Built F-32RX

at the 2008 Annapolis Boat Show!

October 12th, 2008

Mike Secrest's F-32RX, built in North, Virginia, by John Lombardi, of Lombardi Yachts, is currently in the Annapolis Boat Show, and causing quite a stir. It only made the show due to a tremendous effort by Mike and John over the past two weeks, and it even has the carbon mast made and fitted, something that did not look very likely the week before.

I have now been able to inspect this premium boat, and can say that it is a stunning example of the custom builder's art. Lombardi Yachts is able to build more custom F-32s to order from my plans, or an F-39, F-41, or F-44, and if looking for the ultimate 'top of the line' F-boat, then Lombardi (Ph. 804 725-8299) is one to see.

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