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F-32RX Progress In Poland

Having built an F-82 for their own use, Lata Yachts are now making good progress with an F-32RX for a German client, and this will be the first F-32 to have the new 'kick-up' centerboard option. Alicja Lata writes:

Hello Ian

I hope you are well. We are still working on F-32 Albatros, new pictures attached. The main hull was turned over up side down and now is being filled and grinded before the final painting. If everything goes well, the yacht will be ready to leave our yard in middle April. I will then send you some more pictures. 

What is more, our F-82 is finally ready to launch - we are waiting only for the rigging and sails. Pictures quite soon.
kind regards
Alicja Lata
LATA Yachts, Poland

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