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F-32 Launched In Korea

Ja Whan Jung has now launched his F-32AX in South Korea, and is the first such F-boat to be launched there. Ja Whan writes:

Dear Ian Farrier,
I launched F-32AX(#19) last week. The details are as follows :
- mast : ballenger spar 9447W
- all stay is synthetic with precourt deadeye
- sail : dacron main and jib, one asym spin
- engine : outboard 15Hp
After the first trial sailing I got the following results :
- wind : 6 - 8 m/s
- beam reach : about 12 kts, 14 kts/short period
- windward : about 8 kts.
- max engine speed :  about 9 - 10 kts (flat water)
This is the first time to experience a trimaran. After tuning trimaran and gaining more sailing skills, I think it could bring a better result. Anyway this was the most wonderful sailing in my life!
Thank you for the wonderful design and reading.

Sincerely yours,

This is a very nice looking boat!

and it looks light

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