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Why The Long Wait?

Was the title of an email that Alan Rankin sent me recently from Scotland, as follows.

Dear Ian

I just wanted to drop you a note having just some of the best sailing in my life since I made the 'jump' to an F-27. In April I bought F-27 139 and just cannot understand why it has taken me so long to make the switch form monohull to tri!

I have been sailing; cruising and passage racing for 30 years after racing dinghies since I was 9. My recent sailing was on a 50ft yacht which I sailed singlehanded (see www.soloroundscotland.com) and undertook crewed passage races.

Since April I have been continually amazed by the F-27; her speed, light helm, sea-worthiness and downright brilliance of design. I am based in Scotland and have had some great sailing – all in the first two months. The boat came with a good racing main and jib and I have added a technora screacher on a Selden single line furler. We have hit 18 knots and yesterday in flat water I sailed the most exhilarating 12 miles yet. Sitting out on the tramp with extension in hand I was in seventh heaven I have gone seasons where no-one has overtaken us but yesterday I went one better when we overtook a ferry much to the amazement of the passengers.

I hope you don't mid me sending you this email but I just wanted to record my gratitude for your insight in creating my F-27.

Best wishes
Alan Rankin

Thanks Alan, and I knew all along that you would like it, so I agree, why did you take so long!!

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