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F-24 Sailing In Sydney

Alex Virr reports:

Hi Ian. Just thought you might like to see that your creations are still looking very pretty. I have had my F-24 II for several years but have never got around to having someone take photographs from the shore. To my amazement my humble boat looks just like all the cool F-24s on the internet! (Sorry about the wrinkles in the main, we were pretty focussed on our new spinnaker).

Still loving the boat.

By the way we did a trip up to Pittwater last year. This was my first trip offshore in the boat and we had two interesting journeys. On the way up we were close hauled most of the way in 10 - 15 knots and 2m waves. We sat on 8 knots and managed to stay remarkably dry due to being on the weather float the whole time. The highlight of the trip was a 20 minute period at the end when we were able to bear away a little and sat on 13 - 14 knots boat speed (by GPS) for over 15 minutes. Brilliant!

Coming back was unpleasant but actually more impressive in a way. We knew there was a 3m swell with 2m waves. What we didn't know was that the wind would rise to 20 knots and we would have to beat back all the way into it. We felt like we weren't going anywhere - horizontally. Vertically it was like climbing walls and the impact when we fell off the back of the waves was very nasty. Not for the first time we were grateful for your bomb-proof engineering.

Actually, though, the boat was doing 6 - 8 knots, hard on the wind. At one stage we met a 32' Beneteau with 5 guys in full wet weather gear lined up on the rail. I thought that in those waves, hard on the wind, that had to be the way to go. As it turned out. though, we only saw them briefly before they disappeared astern! That cheered us up considerably.

Great to see the F-22 doing so well. Congratulations!


Alex Virr
F-24 II Time Out
Sydney, Australia

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