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New F-22 Launched In Sydney (Australia)

Ross Babbage has now launched his F-22 in Sydney, and writes:

Hi Ian,

Please find attached the first photos of Frequent Flyer following her launch in Pittwater. At the time that these shots were taken we were waiting for the sails to arrive from North so that we could go sailing. They did arrive on time and proved to be very good. The boat handles well and proved to be pretty fast – even without tuning. We pointed higher and travelled faster than just about anything else on the water other than the large racing cats. We managed 9 knots going up wind and over 11 reaching with just main and jib and four aboard. The screecher turbo-charged performance but we only tried it in light airs. She also handled some large swells out near Lion Island without dramas.

Let me remind you that this boat has been purpose designed, built and fitted out not for racing but for fast and comfortable cruising for up to a week. Amongst its unusual features are a quality slide-out fridge-freezer, tailored slide out shelving in the galley, a comprehensive navigation, fish finder, moving map display that swings out into the companionway while sailing so that it is easy to read from the helm, an integrated electical system that includes internal LED lighting, plug-in power for laptops and mobile phones, large battery capacity and a quiet Honda generator located in the port float, a 9.8 lightweight engine, custom bimmi, dodger and a modular complete cockpit tent and, finally, an aluminium trailer fitted with a large number of wide rollers (rebuilt to your specifications) and an extended draw bar to facilitate over-the-beach launch and retrieval. We have tried hard to keep the total weight down and we are working to make further economies in the things that we take on-board.

Thanks again for designing us such a terrific boat! It is shaping up to be a great success.

With appreciation,


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