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F-22 Building in Ontario

Jim and Doug MacKenzie are progressing well with their F-22 in London, Ontario. Doug built a Trailertri 720 many years ago, and son Jim is now building the F-22. Jim writes:

Re F-22 #29 (the standard cabin, centreboard version with the taller rig - tentatively to be called "Raise a Little Hull"), we should be putting the centreboard case into the port half this weekend.  I have attached some pictures of the main hull so far.  I am also including a picture proving that one can really serve dinner for 27 people on a 22' trimaran!  The trick to getting one's floats sanded quickly is to use sheets of sandpaper as placemats!  
 There seems to be pretty solid interest in the F-22 here in Southern Ontario.  If you hear of anyone in this area of Canada (or the USA - Michigan, Ohio and New York areas) who would like to see one in progress, please feel free to give them my email address.  We are happy to give tours!
Cheers - Jim MacKenzie

Main hull planking complete, and inner skin laminated.

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