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F-22 Launched in Canada (Ontario)

Jim and Doug MacKenzie have now launched their F-22 in Canada. Doug built a Trailertri 720 many years ago, while son Jim has built the F-22 with Doug's help. Jim writes:

Hello Ian,

Another great Farrier design hit the water today! "Raise a Little Hull" F-22 # 29 was launched at Fanshawe Yacht Club in London, Ontario, CANADA today in crazy weather produced by the tail-end of hurricane Earl (cold temps and very gusty winds today - it's supposed to be summer!). 

"Little Hull" sure got lots of interested stares on the road and drew a great crowd at the sailing club. We didn't get a chance to sail her today due to very strong winds but may try again tomorrow.  We did motor around a bit and she seemed to handle well.

She went in very easily,  floats high and looks awesome!  She's still lacking the nets, the bowsprit, hull graphics, name, etc. but seemed eager to hit the water.

She'll be moored beside her older sister, "Tri-oomph" (Trailertri 720 launched in '89) at FYC (www.fyc.on.ca) for the rest of the season.  As you may see in the attached photos, we've stuck with the emerald green colour for the hulls; the decks and interior are light gray.

Cheers for now,

Jim MacKenzie

Another very light boat

The new F-22 and the older Trailertri 720

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