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An F-22 Nearing Completion in Holland

Menno van der Zijpp has almost completed his F-22 in The Netherlands, and writes:

Hello Ian,

Attached are three photo's showing my main hull being hoisted out of my workshop. I personally think the photo with the hull just sticking out the workshop looks quite spectacular. Not ideal to build this high, but workspace in my area (The Hague, Netherlands) is hard to find.

Now the main hull is removed I've got some room in the workshop to finish the floats. I expect to be sailing within three months and am really looking forward to it.

Building the boat has been a very time and money consuming undertaking, but I'm still glad I did it. Apart from the joy of building a beautiful boat yourself, I've learned about all kinds of new techniques and materials, which was in itself a very valuable experience.

Thank you for the clear and detailed plans and the quick support the few times I was in doubt.

Menno van der Zijpp

Safe on the ground/trailer.

Float on the way down, and starting the joining process

Now joined and folding!

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