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AnotherF-22 Launched in Australia

Bob Hall has now launched his F-22 ASTEROID (Sail #80) in Rockingham, Western Australia, and writes:

Hi Ian,
I have taken the liberty of sending you a couple of photos of my F-22 taken at Geographe Bay Race Week where we ended with a 2nd in the multihull division – not a bad result considering we didn’t have a spinnaker, mast rotation gear, or a working traveller, and the boat had only been sailed briefly twice before the races. Cheryl had no previous sailing experience, we had our dog onboard for 4 races, and we had 4 different crew (third person) for the 6 races, not to mention my not having sailed in a race since 1985!!

We had some exciting racing with the boat really coming alive with the screecher up – we saw 17 kts on the log which was probably surrounded by froth and bubbles at the time.  Unfortunately couldn’t read the GPS and our tracks weren’t recorded.  We estimated our top speed was around 20 kts and and at times the boat really powered to windward in the 20 kt wind range, but I had trouble achieving it all the time.  The boat is extremely sensitive to sail setting which I need to do some more work on.  She also seemed to do well in light airs to windward but wasn’t so good downwind, particularly without the spinnaker.  We tried tacking downwind, but that only seemed to work in the stronger wind conditions.  My sails weren’t probably suited to lighter winds either.  

Overall the boat looks great, has a lot of room in the cabin and performed really well.  It was really fun to sail past much larger cruisers either to windward or below them whilst outpointing them, which we did on numerous occasions. I can’t imagine what a carbon fibre racing version will achieve.  Well done.
Best regards,


Robert Hall

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