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All Carbon F-22 Being Built in Croatia

Dino Jurela is building his F-22 in Croatia, and writes:

Dear Ian,

Here are some more photos of my all carbon F-22R. We are working full time and hopefully the boat will be in the water this Summer.

Vacuum infusion and bagging takes some time, but looking at the results makes that the only choice for me. My epoxy-carbon toy looks very light and strong. These coming days I will infuse the outside skin of main hull.

Yes, infusion takes some time, as you mentioned, but I am much quicker now too. Laminate is looking excellent compared with hand one. I am very glad that you are satisfied with the 40 kg float. I take lot of care about weight saving, but without compromising safety. I follow your great plans at 100% rate. They are worth every dollar.

Best Regards,
Dino Jurela

A finished float

Infusing main hull inner laminate - hand laminating is the method recommended in the plans,
but infusion is optional, and will give a higher quality laminate. However, it will take longer.

Main hull now joined

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