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Australia's Bay to Bay Race 2010

Lloyd and Jabin Crisp's F-22 Stick Shift
Photo by
Julie Geldard

Two F-22s took part in the 2010 Tin Can Bay to Hervey Bay Race in May, these being Lloyd and Jabin Crisp's 'Stick Shift' and David Mason's 'Fleetwing' (sailed by son Jack Mason). This was the first time two F-22s have been in the same race, and it looks like there could be four or five at the Bay to Bay next year!

There were 31 multihulls taking part this year, 14 of these being Farrier designs of various sorts, with one Corsair Sprint. Stick Shift was the 9th fastest overall, and only beaten by much larger racing multihulls, 8th place being an 8.54m (28') high performance cat, and less than 3 minutes ahead. 'Fleetwing' showed some excellent bursts of speed, coming in 12th fastest, and still needs some more tuning to be able to match 'Stick Shift', but they are getting there.

Jabin Crisp writes:


Saturday morning saw gusts of over 25 knots so I made the decision to put additional rake in the mast as we only sailed with Lloyd and myself. A pre-start run with screacher saw speeds of 18 knots with the boat balanced perfectly. During the race once we reached the more flatter protected waters close to Fraser Island with flat masthead spinnaker the log recorded a top speed of 20.0 knots and sat consistently on 19.6 knots for long periods of time! I think it was a combination of mast rake, crew further aft with me steering from behind the rear arm sitting on the float and a longer spinnaker pole for additional lift!

Sunday was a mixed race with conditions fading mid race and freshening again along woody island for a flat out run home with wind against tide swell! The Bay to Bay was a great two day race and we were really happy to have another F22 out there competing!

Jabin Crisp

Official results are available at http://www.herveybaysailingclub.org.au/

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