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Watch Out For Stainless Steel Crevice Corrosion

To all F-boat Owners With Stainless Steel Chainplates

Two instances have now been reported of F-27 chainplates breaking off at the deck on the main cabin, causing the mast to fail. This can be caused by crevice corrosion where stainless steel can rapidly corrode and fail if water is present, without any oxygen. A good detailed description can be seen at;


Chainplates that pass through the deck are always difficult to seal properly, and leak prone, so water can get in. If it is then possible for it to collect alongside or around the chainplate then corrosion can be rapid until the chainplate fails around the deck area, even though this is where it is actually the strongest.

Thus it is important to check your chainplates regularly, and if any possibility or evidence of a leak exists then it should be fixed immediately. This affects all boats, not just F-boats.

This risk of corrosion is always there with any stainless steel, including rigging wire, and it is important to regularly check for such corrosion, and eliminate any areas where water may collect.

Carbon chainplates only are now used on all my latest designs, along with synthetic rigging, plus are options for earlier designs, and these will eliminate any such problems.

Ian Farrier

Farrier Marine (NZ) Ltd
Farrier Marine, Inc.