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This page is for owners and/or builders of all Farrier designs, and is intended to be a reference page for many matters such as plan updates, regular maintenance, frequently asked technical questions, and various notices. Further information, open discussions, and a good way to get questions answered from both owners or Ian Farrier is also available on the new F-boat Forum:


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There is also a forum for owners and/or restorers of the early Tramp/Eagle design. Details at:

Plus a forum for the original Trailertri designs:

The following are downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF documents (just click on the highlighted title).

Build to Plan!

F-boat maintenance Guide - A regular maintenance checklist of important items to check

Beam and Folding System Care - important notes and advice on the care and maintenance of the beams and folding systems for all Farrier designs.

Beam Compression Pads and their Care - all you ever wanted to know about compression pads

F-31 Float Bow Collisions - things to check, and how to minimize any damage

Helpful Hints - from the latest Sailing Manual

Check Your Chainplates for Crevice Corrosion

F-24 Beam Bulletin - cause and repair of cracks that can develop at inner ends of some early F-24 beams

F-31 Beam End Repair - repairing damage that can result from a float bow collision

F-31 Bolt Pad Repair - repairing damage that can result from a float bow collision

Rudder Fences - these can help eliminate any steering problems due to rudder ventilation at very high speeds

F-27 Rigging and Setup Guide (extract from original F-27 Sailing Manual)
F-27 De-Rigging Guide

F-9R and F-31 Rotating Mast Raising Setup

F-27 Double Spreader Rig Modification
Eliminates inner forestay and makes rig more foolproof

F-27 Rotating Rig Conversion

F-27 Trailer details - trailer worn out and need setup details for a new one?

Docking While Folded options

Gelcoat Cracks Along Wingnet Rail?

Don't Remove Beam Bracket Bolts!

Daggerboard Case Cheek Block - the best way to fit

Modifying Outboard for better Reverse Thrust - an article by Bob Critchely

Multihull Safety Issues - an important issue as there are many misconceptions.

Wiring Diagrams

Owners of F-28s and F-31s built between 1997 and 2001 should be aware that Corsair used buried wiring in the cabin roof of these models, and care should be taken when adding deck fittings, so as not to drill through such wiring. I requested Corsair to supply maps of such wiring in May 2002 but they have never done so.

Sail Plans

New Boat Delivery Checklist
Taking delivery of a new boat? Here are some things to check - useful also for a used boat

Used Boat Guide
The various versions and what to look for.

Trailertri 680 and 720 - Complete plans for the Trailetri 680 or 720 are now available on CD for refurbishment purposes only. Details available from email address below.

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