Trimaran & Catamaran Designs By Ian Farrier
F-27 - US Sailboat Hall of Fame 2004

Sport boats that are truly fast, easy to sail, and also make great cruisers

Modern trimarans offer the best combination of speed, windward ability, light air performance, and manoeuvrability of all sail boat types. They are fast, exciting, and setting the pace in many areas:

Round World Crewed Record: now 45 days & 14 hours (average of 26.5 knots), set by the maxi-trimaran Banque Populaire V

Round World Solo Record: now just 57 days & 14 hours, as set by Francis Joyon in his 90' trimaran Idec

Trans Atlantic record: now 3 days and 15 hours (average of 32 knots), set by the maxi-trimaran Banque Populaire V

America's Cup: Next challenge shaping up to be a spectacular event, with two 40 knot giant multihulls going head to head

Farrier multihull designs are not quite as big or as fast as the specialist racing machines above, but they can easily achieve 20 knot plus speeds, with an 18 knot average in the record books. Better still, they come with room inside, a nifty folding system for easy trailering, and they are much more reasonably priced.

Choices include:

F-22: A brand new cutting edge low cost production trimaran, and ideal for lake and coastal sailing

F-32: Another new, but larger and more serious trimaran with ocean going capability, but still easily trailerable

F-32SR: A brand new dedicated racer, and intended to be the ultimate line honors machine of its size (but still with reasonable room)

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