Brian Haynes' F-33R 'Carbon Tiger II' now in England

November 29th, 2003

This is the first F-33 to be shipped by container, the loading process being covered earlier (link below). After a 30 day passage to England, from Australia, the container was delivered to Saxon Wharf in Southampton, where builder Ian Keals took just an hour to unpack and remove Carbon Tiger II. It was then fully assembled over the next two days ready for the carbon wing mast, which had been assembled on the wharf by Marstrom representative Torjborn Linderson.

Starting to emerge from container while being towed by 4 x 4 at left. Easy enough for a car to do also.

Almost there - did all that really fit inside?

Free at last! The complete boat and cradle were simply slid out of container.

Removing the first float- a small crane is best for this.

Main hull being positioned on cradles ready to begin assembly process.

Being assembled - a factory team will assemble and deliver all finished boats, while kit boats are
assembled by owners. It is a relatively simple process and the necessary support cradles
and materials come with the boat inside container.

With the containerized shipping process now fully proven, the mast raising procedure for the tall rig
remained the only unproven factor, and the 47' (14.3m) carbon wing mast is shown being raised by
Ian Farrier. The weather was atrocious, but the newly developed deck step and raising pole system
worked perfectly, and this was in fact the easiest 'first time' mast setup ever.

Half-way up and all going smoothly. It worked so well that it can now be definitely stated
that the F-33 can be rigged single-handed, INCLUDING raising the mast.

Next day in better weather (the only sunshine in a week) - mast up with the custom
masthead Code 1 being tried (shown furled).

Unfurled - Carbon Tiger II has some custom sails specifically developed by North Sails in Sweden
in conjunction with mast maker Marstrom, to optimize rating under UK MOCRA rules. Sailmaker
Anders Lewander also flew in from Sweden to help setup and check all sails.

The square top main and rebate for 2 : 1 main halyard, mainsail then being flush with masthead
when fully up, to maximize sail area and eliminate any parasitic mast overhang. Square top mains
and their effectiveness have been a subject of some debate for many years, but with all the top
America's Cup boats now also using them the debate is probably over.

How a properly setup squaretop should look, flush with masthead for maximum efficiency

The sleek new companionway hatch

The 20HP outboard with electric tilt - power to spare but the electric tilt
mechanism was very difficult to accomodate - big and heavy.

Launching, using the yard travel lift - Brian will leave Carbon Tiger II at a dock and does
not need a trailer. It was also nice of the yard to paint their hoist to match the boat!

At the dock and floating very high

Ready to go!

Winning the 2004 Round Island Race

Plus Another F-33R Shipped! ....Hull No. 6 Going To Paul Hofman in The Netherlands:

Paul's main hull being setup on shipping cradle

First float in position

Easing into container

All done and ready to ship!

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