May 8th, 2003

At the dock in Mooloolaba Harbor, Queensland, Australia

Aft quarter view - she turned out lighter than expected and is floating high, with transom
well clear, even with a diesel inboard

Stern view

Side view at Southport

Force required for folding is about the same as the F-9A/F-31, even though the beams are shorter. Folding
thus remains a one man operation, but more force is required to extend, and this may require two. However,
another new feature is a simple plug-in folding handle which will simply extend the beam and make this a true
single-handed operation once more. Geometry is set so that folding can be done WITHOUT disconnecting or
loosening side stays, which then also support mast throughout the folding process. You can thus safely fold
without having to fit mast raising wires if wished.

Folded from the side, with a good view of the wide beam tops which give a very safe walking area.

It is still quite amazing that a boat this size can fold up so easily to go on a trailer. Rigging and
setup time for launching should still be around 30 minutes for the experienced, with some new
'quick rig' features also being incorporated. As with all Farrier trailerable designs, single-handed
rigging and launching will remain possible.

The view forward while sailing

The crew - from left, Julian Griffiths, Malcolm Keals (builders), Peter Wesley (owner),
Ian Keals, and designer Ian Farrier

* * * * * * * * * *

David Miller's F-33 fully shrink wrapped for the delivery trip

Shrink wrap removed in Seattle, the boat being almost perfect after 3000 miles.

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