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The Farrier F-22

an 18' wide easily beachable fast sport cruiser....

.....and one that can be kept at home

Game Changer II

The original F-27 helped change the sailing world (US Sailboat Hall of Fame) when it was introduced in
1986, and the new generation F-22 has now taken it another giant leap forward. It is a brand new design
developed in New Zealand by Farrier Marine (NZ) Ltd, and the low cost 'Down Under' building environment
has kept the development costs low, while the finished boat can be shipped anywhere in the world

An entry level trailerable trimaran was initially thought about in the late nineties, with details of the initial
concept boat first being published in 2001, but other projects such as the F-32/F-33 already in process had
priority, which delayed development. However, the F-22 was intended to be a completely new breakthrough
boat, and such boats can take considerable thought and time to design and develop well. The F-27 initial
drawings were originally done in 1978, but it took another 8 years before it became a reality. The F-22 has
taken a little longer, with the first launchings of plan built boats being in 2008, while the prototype production
version was launched in 2013. All focus is now on increasing F-22 production to meet the high demand.

All Farrier designs are safe family orientated cruisers - they also just happen to be fast

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